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Helipad Exhibition Center, Ahmedabad

International Ceramic Tile and Interiors Trade Fair

January  25-28, 2024

Welcome to IndiaBuild 

IndiaBuild is the largest international building and interiors show in India. Over 200 producers and suppliers of ceramic, building and finishing materials annually present their products to 20,000+ specialists of wholesale and retail, building and renovation companies, interior design and architecture studios from 20 countries and all Indian regions. 3 sectiors of IndiaBuild embrace the entire universe of materials, tools and technical solutions for all stages of ceramic, building construction, interior design and decoration. IndiaBuild is an efficient tool to place your products directly in the hands of target audience and stay on top of market trends. Follow IndiaBuild's schedule of events all year round >>>

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Modern Design Spiral Stairs

Exotic Urbanism


Modern Architecture

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Why Ehxibit?

At IndiaBuild, companies will present materials, equipment and tools, decorative elements, as well as services and technical solutions for ceramic, building construction and interior decoration.

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Why Visit?

Manufacturers and suppliers will present at 

IndiaBuild 2024 a wide range of modern building and finishing materials for wholesale and retail trade, construction, design, and decoration of residential and office space.

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